Abaddon, the Destroyer

Hell is naked before him, and there is no covering for destruction. -Job 26:6

Abaddon is an Outsider. He is a spirit of obliteration and darkness, a wanton destroyer, and the lord of the Corruptors. The first Outsider Lucifer elected to serve among Hell's princes as part of the Black Hand, he is generally distrusted and feared even among the demonic host. He taught Lucifer the art of possession, ingratiating himself thus with the Dark Lord, though his scheming finally drew Lucifer's ire when his plans to usurp the throne were exposed by Tabbris, Naieda, Ray, and Dreamer. Though he is in exile on the Outside, it is rumored that he still serves the Black Hand in a limited capacity. This would explain why he has yet to be replaced at Lucifer's left hand. Abaddon wields a sword. His symbols are the dragon, the star, and the orchid.