Amon Asterion

"What Cretan bull, fierce, two-formed monster, filling the labyrinth of Daedalus with his huge bellowings, has torn thee asunder with his horns?" -Seneca, Phaedra 1170 ff

Amon is a servant of the Black Hand. Also known as Asterion, he is a spirit of the Material Plane, a personification of masculinity and fertility, who was among the many who were forced into exile in the Inferno when angels of the Throne scoured Earth of its pagan deities and other magical creatures. Enraged by this betrayal and by the persecution of his kind and lamenting the ruin of the Material Plane's endemic magic, Amon pledged himself to Lucifer, whose cause he sees as noble even if his means of achieving it aren't always so. In his heart of hearts, Amon hates Hell and all its denizens, but he endures it, knowing it is the only place from which he can wage war on Heaven. As a Judge of Hell, he takes his rage out on the damned as well as on captured angels. Amon is verile and highly sexual, and he has sired many children with many different demons. There are few who do not desire him. He is the father of Baphomet with Lilith and of the she-goat, Ala, with Hecate. Amon wields a massive axe. His symbols are the robin, the labyrinth, and the Easter lily.