Their sighs, lamentations and loud wailings resounded through the starless air, so that at first it made me weep... -Inferno Canto III, lines 22-24

Asmodeus was once a powerful mitigator for the Throne, an interpreter of the word of God for those who would represent Him to the host. He was, and still remains, obsessed with the passage of time. He religiously measures its passage on all planes, ruminating on and easily drawn into a discussion of its nature and purpose in the universe. Because of this fascination, he is occasionally referred to as Kronos. As a servant of the Black Hand, he functions as Hell's chronicler, and in his pit is an archive that puts to shame all of the libraries that have ever existed, in Heaven and on Earth. Pages from his dark ledgers are killed for by human demonologists, as they are said to grant fantastic Infernal power to any who bears but a single one of them. In truth, no human has ever looked on such a page without going completely insane. Asmodeus is twisted and cruel, a scientist of sorts, and it was with him that the Outsiders worked to develop Infernal flesh. He is also responsible for the continued refinement of the Infernal language; without his direction, that chaotic tongue would surely fade into utter debasement. Asmodeus wields a scythe. His symbols are the stork, the hourglass, and the thorn.