Baal the Insane

They yoked themselves to Baal at Peor and ate sacrifices offered to lifeless gods... -Psalm 106:28

Baal was young when rumors of secession seduced him. A Forger of Light for the angelic warrior caste, he dedicated his abilities to Lucifer's cause after the host's actions during the first battle claimed the life of his brother, Hadad. This loss drove him mad with the desire for revenge, and exile in Hell has only deepened that madness. Baal constantly raves. He is tremendously destructive, even when lucid. And during such times, when his madness seems to subside, he shows himself to be a strategist even more brilliant than Lucifer himself. This, if there can be said to be a reason, is why the Black Hand continues to tolerate him. Though he once forged instruments of great power for angels, Baal now eschews weapons, preferring to feel his enemies expire, broken and defiled, in his bare hands. His symbols are the crow, the key, and the lotus.