Belphegor the Pestilent

"Fixed in the slime, they say, 'Sullen were we in the sweet air that by the Sun is gladdened, bearing within ourselves the sluggish fume; now we are sullen in the black mire.'" -Dante's Inferno, Canto VII

Once a physician among the angelic host, Belphegor is now a spirit of filth and disease, the embodiment of pestilence in a constantly shifting skin. A shapeshifter with only fleeting control over his abilities, Belphegor's body is constantly in flux, cycling from his grotesque natural form quite at random. He does have favorite forms, however, and when he manifests as a shade on the Material Plane he has more control over his shapeshifting. His invocation ritual is unsavory, involving blood and human filth that even the darkest of mages rarely deign to touch out of concern for hygiene, but when he does appear to men it is often in the guise of a beautiful woman. When he appears as a man, he is frequently clothed in garments made of human flesh. The smallest and most often underestimated of the Judges of Hell, Belphegor wields a whip and a sword, the sting of either of which instills any number of particularly vile plagues. His symbols are the magpie, the sewing needle, and the marsh rose.