The Immortals are a race of space-faring, inter-dimensional beings. They roam this universe, and others, destroying entire planets and civilizations with no apparent reason or concern for personal gain. Nothing is known of their life cycle or their origins. They tend to attack populated planets on the outer rims of galaxies, possibily because smaller civilzations are easier to overwhelm by force. They destroyed the planet of Terinam, former homeworld of Dreamer.


Immortals vary in appearance only subtly. Few have seen them close enough to be able to distinguish one individual from another. All seem to be male save their queen, who is twenty times the size of the largest warrior. The warriors are 8 to 10 feet tall with pale green skin and enormous horns on their foreheads. The wings are their backs, though large and muscular, do not function. They usually develop a sizable overbite to allow for the proliferation of fangs throughout the bottom jaw as well as bony studs or spikes at different places on their bodies. The queen is gigantic and usually stays in their flagship. They few who have seen her and lived, including Dreamer, have described her as having multiple legs, an insectile head, thickly-scaled skin, and fleshy venom sacks on the back of her head that feed paralyzing toxin into her huge, backward-curving fangs.


There is little art in what the Immortals do. They never settle a world, they do not interbreed with prisoners, and they seem to have nothing to gain from the destruction of a planet besides the death of all the civilizations upon it. They arrive in an immense fleet of thousands of warships. They engage in attrition warfare, wearing their enemies down with constant and brutal attacks until the besieged have no recourse but to capitulate. Their numbers are vast, and their sustenance needs appear to be nonexistent. Warriors that fall in battle are revived in the field by their comrades with no apparent diminishing of function, giving rise to the theory that they are biomechanical to some degree as well as to the name Immortals - no Immortal has ever been found dead. The only thing the Immortals take from a world is slaves. They subdue captured combatants with a toxic serum, a venom produced by the queen, that transforms them physically and mentally, erasing all trace of who they once were. What these slaves are used for is unknown. The poison is usually delivered in dart form, but has occasionally been used in a gaseous form or even sprayed directly onto targets. Besides dart guns, the Immortals use a wide array of advanced weaponry, including all manner of energy rifles and neutron explosives.