Infernal is the name for the loose collection of disordered dialects spoken by both Stranded demons and those that reside in Hell. Purer among Hell's elite, it is used throughout the Inferno in thousands of forms. At its core, it is a debased form of Enochian, the secret language of The Throne, having been brought to The Pit by Lucifer after the rebellion and the exodus from Heaven. All demonic spells are cast in Infernal.

The Infernal tongue is not ordered like Terrestrial languages, though it follows similar rules. It is ordered enough to be understood universally in Hell. Of course, Infernal is harsh and difficult for humans to withstand. But, after enough exposure, some ears will start to hear an underlying beauty in it. This is likely due to the Angelic roots of the language.

Writing SystemEdit

The dialect of Infernal used by most Stranded demons is much more limited and rigid than the Infernal spoken by natives of Hell. Humans have actually learned to read and interpret it, though it is still quite unpleasant for most to listen to. The codex here gives Stranded Infernal's alphabet Roman counterparts, but it should be noted that some sounds which exist in English do not exist in Stranded Infernal. Substitutions have been made:


The Infernal Alphabet

  • B replaces P
  • F replaces V
  • K replaces C
  • Ch replaces J
  • D replaces T
  • Kw replaces Q
  • Ks replaces X

Stacked VowelsEdit

Infernal is written from right to left with no connectedness and no spaces between words. The language uses stacked vowels, a system in which the vowel sounds are represented by dots and lines positioned above the consonants they directly precede. When a word ends in a vowel, that last vowel is left as a hanging symbol. There are no double letters in Infernal, and vowels are not stacked atop one another. In the event that a word ending in a vowel is followed by a word that begins with a vowel, a line break is made.


"Abandon hope, all ye who enter here"