Infernal flesh is an adaptive armor possessed by many types of demons. It is highly malleable, and different demons are able use it in myriad different ways. It is usually black and glassy in appearance.


When Lucifer's rebels arrived on what eventually became the Infernal Plane, they found this mysterious material in abundance. It is poorly understood, but most assume that it is connected with Hellflame, being either a by-product of its burning or a catalyst for its generation. Whatever its source, the quantity of Infernal flesh only increases; nothing seems to be able to impact its proliferation. It appears to be sentient to some degree, and many of the rebels bonded with it. They found that it naturally established a link with their aspects and their minds, and they began to learn to control it. They soon found that those who bonded with Infernal flesh produced offspring who were bonded with it as well, implying a depth of symbiosis extending even to the roots of an individual's etheric spirit. There is some evidence to suggest that what intelligence the Infernal flesh has may be communal, shared throughout the body of all Infernal flesh in existence, though the implications of this are still being explored. Because they see it as binding them to a larger Hellish power, Infernal flesh has become a symbol of the rebels' resolve to continue the war on Heaven.


Infernal flesh is called thus because, in its natural state, it covers its user like a second skin. It can be altered in almost any way, having apparently limitless plasticity. It can be broken by powerful enough ethereal weapons, but it regenerates quickly. The health of its user seems to play a part in how quickly or slowly Infernal flesh heals itself and reacts to mental commands. Being so resilient, it is most commonly used as armor, but every individual uses Infernal flesh differently. Another common use is shapeshifting. Many demons are also able to use Infernal flesh to generate muscular hydrostats as well as blades or even handheld weapons. The rare individual can spread his or her Infernal flesh until it is nearly a mist and blend into or move quickly through darkness - this is a kind of sciomancy. Ultimately, the uses of Infernal flesh seem limited only by the nature of its bond with its user.