Leviathan, the Sojourner in Darkness

"May those who curse days curse that day, those who are ready to rouse Leviathan" - Job 3:8

Leviathan is a tremendous serpentine monster. He is called the Hellmouth, the Deep One, and the Sojourner in Darkness. He is neither an Outsider nor a demon; though his essence appears to be rooted in what is now the Infernal Plane, he exists on all planes simultaneously, apparently less a being, per se, than an avatar of the universe. Tales of Lucifer and Leviathan are many, even in Heaven, for when the Dark Lord and his followers arrived at the place of their self-imposed exile, the two met in cataclysmic battle. None had opposed the Sojourner, and Lucifer very nearly lost his life fighting Leviathan for the right to build Hell. In his madness, Leviathan was a mindless devotee to the Celestial, but his epoch-long clash with Lucifer awoke in him a consciousness, an intellect, that had been subverted by strange magic. Even now, Lucifer's taming of the great beast is legendary, and it strikes fear into the hearts of many an angel. His mind restored, Leviathan agreed to a peace with Lucifer's cabal, the terms of which only Lucifer himself understands. Leviathan frequently functions as a Judge, though it's clear that he will never be truly in league with anyone. His origin is a mystery even to him, and his primary concern seems to be finding out who created him and why. Service to the Black Hand is, more often than not, incidental. Leviathan is a being of immeasurable size and strength. He has no weaknesses known to anyone but Lucifer. In addition to the power afforded him by his size, Leviathan's existence seems to afford him a connection to strange and ancient energies. He can generate bizarre psychic and sciomantic storms to varying ends, soul-disintegrating bursts, and waves of alien light and pain go before and behind him as he makes his circuitous route across The Etherium, though he cannot access his magical abilities consciously. His symbols are the kingfisher, the chalice, and the lotus.