Michael had been a Celestial warlord alongside Gabriel, whom he sees as his closest friend. Perhaps one of the most spiritually powerful angels in existence, any lower class demon will fall to his knees aflame from Michael's deeply potent aspect. Like Metatron, he knows every spell in the book, every Enochian symbol, every Celestial fighting style, and thanks to Uriel's knowledge, every Infernal fighting style. His vocale rivals God's very voice, and those who manage to withstand it without their skulls exploding are often left with severe brain damage and deafness. Known for his unending patience, he has mentored many of Heavan's archangel warriors, including Tabbris. There is a special kind of hatred he reserves for The Black Hand, and he shows no mercy or pity towards anything of Infernal nature. With the black and silver wings of a falcon, his avatar is a fearsome raptor indeed. Gabriel has worried about his deep, personal enjoyment for Infernal torture. Michael is said to take great delight in dropping his enemies from great heights during battle, and while he has a high rank in the Throne, he continues to join battles. His symbols are the talon, the horse radish, and the mask.