Mysterious HistoryEdit

According to the most commonly believed story, The Nephilim are the offsping of humans who were raped by the Grigori, watcher angels, in the Earth's early epochs. These creatures were monstrous giants who caused tremendous devastation as they rampaged on the Earth, and, nigh indestructible, they were sealed away for all eternity by the host of Heaven. While this tale is quite dramatic and attractive in its simplicity, there are indications that it may not be the whole truth.

What is certain is that the Nephilim, are, indeed very large creatures with considerable destructive power, that they are imprisoned in the Land of Dreams, and that some of them are the children of the outworld demon, Lilith. A number of Nephilim were recently released onto the Terrestrial Plane by Lilith herself, who was manipulated by Abaddon in the guise of Lilith's daughter, Naieda.


The Nephilim are a closely guarded secret, and not much is known about their physiology. By recent accounts, they seem to range from 15 to 28 feet tall and to be extremely large-bodied creatures with comparatively short legs and long, ape-like arms. They are hunched and deformed, their faces twisted, their mouths largely toothless, and they rarely have hair on their enormous heads. It would appear that most have dark eyes and thick, jaundiced skin.

Powers and ToolsEdit

Lacking in intelligence, these enormous entities use their size to their greatest advantage. Some appear to have the ability to spew noxious chemicals from their mouths. If they carry weapons, they usually choose to wield blunt objects they've pulled out of the ground. They are incredibly strong and durable, but it seems unlikely that such brutish and simple creatures could have posed enough of a threat to Heaven to have necessitated their indefinite imprisonment over their simple eradication. More data is needed before a full understanding of the Nephilim's abilities can be attained.