Sabnock the Dark

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” - Leonardo DaVinci

A servant of the Black Hand, Sabnock is one of the Voices of Hell, whose task it is to interpret the laws handed down by the archdemons. He is also chief of Hell's architects, and is responsible for designing the citadel of Dis, the forum where the Black Hand meets, and most of the Luciferic churches. His designs are often based on the Celestial style, which he helped to develop when he served God in Heaven. Sabnock is deeply loyal to the Dark Lord, but his placement among what he sees as the lesser demons in Lucifer's service has left him bitter. A discerning eye can frequently see this personal conflict reflected in Sabnock's architectural designs. Sabnock wields a lightbow. His symbols are the swan, the wheel, and the linden tree.