Uriel is unique among Throne members for the fact that he is simply a deceased Terrestrial, (killed during the Dark Ages) Baritone rank. Metatron recruited him for his extensive knowledge of Infernals and his continued studies of them. He is one of the very few Infernal specialists that exist on the Celestial plane, as knowing Infernals, truly, means tolerating them, and many angels cannot begin to entertain the idea. Uriel has something of a dark past, which may be typical for humans, but among his "pure" angel brethren, he has always felt out of place. In a former life, he had murdered his own children, his reasoning kept secret from The Throne, save for Raphael. This sent him to the Infernal plane after his death, where Moloch targeted him. Uriel spent many, many years in torture, but his mind never broke. He was able to keep his sanity, and prayed even as his hands were severed and grown to be severed again and again. Eventually this caught Raphael's attention, who barely managed to fight off Moloch while saving Uriel from Hell. Uriel could recall every minute detail of his time in Hell; the society in which demons operated in, Infernal Flesh, Tormentor culture, and even subtle details of The Black Hand. Able to relay this information calmly and clearly, Metatron found use for him in The Throne, but still keeps a close eye on him, as Terrestrials rarely emerge from Hell, much less with their thoughts in order. Oddly enough, he always seems to be very cheery, and very enthusiastic about his subject of study. His symbols are the birch tree, the candle, and the Möbius band.